True Love by Student of Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa Chris Butler


We are going to be speaking on a very relevant subject for all of us. But before we begin, we’re going to do some very easy meditation. I’ll be presenting an understanding from the yoga philosophy. There’re many different yoga systems, yoga paths. But in all the different paths meditation is one of the main activities.

And we will be doing this meditation for three basic reasons. Number one, we have probably been quite busy today, so it’ll help us to slow down, to relax. Number two, it’ll help us to understand our subject matter a little more easily. And number three, you get to learn this meditation, you can take it home with you.

Life Is Not Created From Chemicals


I mean if somebody tells me that life was created a certain amount of time ago, some billions and millions and millions and millions of years ago by the combination of chemicals, if they tell me this then I take it for granted that they know what it is that was created. If somebody says that life was created ten thousand million years ago then I take it for granted that they know what they are talking about when they use the word “life.”

Scientists Want to Create That Which They Don’t Understand

My point is that biology is a study supposedly of life, right? Okay? How do they define life in this biology textbook where I go to learn, right, in school, right, about life, right?

"How then can we define life? To attempt an easy definition is to enter a quagmire from which many a writer has emerged considerably more muddy than when he began.” (laughter).

Amazing Benefits of Meditation by Student of Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda

amazing benefits of meditation by jagad guru siddhaswarupananda

I’m sitting here now in the countryside of Ontario, looking out the window seeing the beautiful snowflakes drifting down and it reminds me of a lady I was speaking to recently asked me quite an important question. She said, “I’ve been very nervous and anxious, I went to see my doctor and uniquely enough he prescribed meditation. And so I’m wondering what will I get from this meditation. What benefit would it have for me?”

Harmony of Yoga by Student of Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda (Part 1)

harmony of yoga mantra meditation cover

Mantra Meditation

Thank all of you very much for coming. It’s Saturday evening, I know there’re a lot of things to do on Saturday. Everybody had many choices, so we appreciate you’re choosing to come here.

We are going to be speaking tonight about yoga, specifically we will entitle it: The health, harmony and peace of yoga.

Harmony of Yoga by Student of Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda (Part 2)

harmony of yoga by student of jagad guru siddhaswarupananda part 2 cover

The Path To Harmony

So there is the Hatha yoga system for the body, and again, addressing the mind in many ways.

There is a system known as Karma yoga. Karma means action. So you learn how to dovetail your actions with the Supreme will, with His system, learn how to act. From the action there will be fruits and you learn what to do with those fruits, Do I keep them all for me? It’s mine. That is the philosophy of the world, Get it and keep it. Hold it tightly and get more. And that’s success: accumulate, accumulate! That’s not success, that’s greed. That’s why we’re so unhappy, Don’t touch it, it’s mine. Stay away! I’ve got a lot. I get body guards, big fences, dogs to keep everybody out so I can get more. Miserable life. Miserable life. That’s not the yoga system.

The Nonmaterial Person Is of Real Value

So the value is not the body, the value is in the user of the body. When the user of the body is gone…Professor Flask’s wife—the person he is relating to –leaves the body it’s gone. Right? The person’s gone, the value’s gone. It’s gone, the value’s gone. That which is of value is the person who’s using the body.

The Only Thing Man Does Not Know How to Produce

Jagad Guru:You know there was this debate whether or not life came from matter like this. Whether or not life came from chemicals and the French Academy offered a prize for somebody who could settle the controversy once and for all. Who won it? Does anyone know?

Audience: Pasteur